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Bluffton ATA Martial Arts Leadership

Leadership Life Training

Ages: 6+

The Leadership Team is a three-year extension program by invitation, for juniors & teens who want to maximize their Taekwondo training and develop leadership skills that will serve them in all aspects of their lives. These students accept a higher level of responsibility as ambassadors of our school.

Students in the Leadership program also have the option to compete for the titles of State, District, & World Champion under the American Taekwondo Association.

Once students in the Leadership program have earned their black belts, they have the ability to become Junior Instructors upon mastery of the necessary material.

ATA Legacy

ATA Legacy

Do you have the desire to make a long-term career in the martial arts? Are you in a profession that would benefit from enhanced leadership skill training? Have you mastered the ATA Leadership Program and are looking for that next level in developing yourself into a life-changing leader?

The ATA Legacy Program is the top level of training the ATA has to offer and will take the physical and mental skills a student has to new heights. 

Not only will students train and grow, but they will learn how to pass that knowledge on to others and create their own Legacy. It is the perfect blend of personal development and physical training specially targeted for the elite student.

Adult Martial Arts Taekwondo Fitness Karate

Black Belt Club

Ages: All Ages

The Black Belt Club is a program developed by ATA for those students who have decided to commit themselves to black belt excellence and have set their goals to becoming a Black Belt student.

It is open to all students regardless of rank or age. This program is recognized throughout the United States as such and is distinguished by the Black Belt patch worn on the left sleeve of the uniform and the distinctive black stripe on their belt.

This program is designed to further enhance the martial arts experience and career. It gives members the opportunity to take additional Taekwondo classes as well as work with more advanced self-defense material and individual weapons without interrupting their normal basic training.